Made in the alps

About henjl

Henjl is a French Alpine eco-friendly brand of wool sportswear clothing for the outdoors and cold urban wear.
henjl was born in 2009 of the contraction of both our names Henry and Jean-Louis, marking our collaboration and personal commitment to our products which we are the first users.
With our industry experience, we have developed in the Alps exclusive wool-based materials for functional, comfortable and durable clothing. Our materials and our sleek and straight design is henjl’s signature. Inspired by our environment and our way of life, we continually seek to improve the style and performance of our collections.

The henjl products are entirely knitted, hand-looped, produced in France and in the European Union.

2011 : after two years of development, we offer our first non-treated laminated wool collection and registered the WoolShell® label.
2012 : henjl innovates with the first WoolShell® stretched and laminated felted wools fabrics.
2013 : henjl expands its product range with fine merino wool hand-looped sweaters and new double-face thermal products under the label MKII for Mountain Knits 2 layers.
Regis joined henjl to support its commercial development.
2014 : henjl opened new sales points in large cities and still goes upmarket using ever more qualitative wool yarns.
2015 : for even more warmth and comfort, our product innovation focuses on the combination of our WoolShell® laminates and quilted wool padding linings in our parkas. Trade goes global with new networks in Great Britain and Japan.
2016 : Aurélien Colin is in charge of Henjl's "community management" in order to develop its social networks. Henjl bring to market its hybrid MKII / wool wadding DERAM.

The henjl products are original, high quality, technology and natural, fully corresponding to the values ​​of life to which we aspire.