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The WoolShell® fabric is the result of two years of development to design a stretch and windproof material from virgin wool, allowing the construction of a garment suitable to our environment and outdoor activities.

The henjl WoolShell® products are genuine wool softshells with waterproof-breathable-windproof membrane. They are knitted, laminated and made in the French Alps.Timeless but yet technical, Henjl’s WoolShell® garment are warm, light and stretch. They offer high performances in terms of comfort, warmth, protection and durability.

For even warmer and durable garments, we developed the fully stretchable felted wool XBOILED WoolShell®. Naturally antibacterial, you can wear our long-lasting WoolShell® garments everywhere..

Woolshell® membrane

Lavalan® Wool Wadding

For evan more warmth and comfort henjl developed in association with its stretchy felted Woolshell® knit XBOILED, a quilted lining with Lavalan® sport wool padding.

Lavalan® sport is an innovative and sustainable insulation fleece made off 90% alpine wool and 10% PLA Polyactid biopolymer. It can absorb body moisture up to 33% of its own weight without feeling wet. It dries much faster than Downs and Feathers. It is easycare and fully recyclable without any chemical auxiliaries.

100% biodegradable, it out-perform any fiberfill in terms of confort, thanks to its moisture absorption properties.

The ciré lining fabric and the quilting are made in french Alps region. This product range offers quality finishing and renew the style of wool parkas. In the mountain resorts or in the cities, you will appreciate this new functional and timeless design during super cold weather.




MKII is a double-face knit of Merino wool outside and climayarn® as inner layer. Very warm, it was developed for outdoor activities in winter conditions .
The climayarn® combines the benefits of merino wool and polypropylene : warmth even at low temperatures , prevents heat buildup during effort, faster drying , facilitates the transfer of moisture, soft , stretch and machine washable. The MkII was engineered in our Alps knitting factory in Haute Savoie, France.



XBoiled felted wool

XBoiled is a new way to felt wool in order to keep the original stretch of the knit fabric. The wool is boiled in France, with warm water only.

XBoiled wool is very resistant to abrasion, do not crease, and do not unravel when cutted. XBoiled is Woolshell® laminated to become waterproof, windproof and breathable.


Merino Wool

We knit Schoeller® Yarns.
For our Woolshell®, we use Merino Pure new wool non treated and 100% eco-friendly with bluesign® label. We knit Henjl’s sweater with super fine merino yarns. As a result, our products do not itch and are machine washable, thanks to EXP 4.0 finish.

EXP 4.0 stands for Ex-Pollution, or the avoidance of pollutants durings anti-felting treatment process. EXP 4.0 is a revolutionary new process that enables the wool to remain machine-washable without the use of chlorine. It is the first and only wool treatment to be GOTS and Bluesign certified..



Our virgin wool and merino yarns are bluesign® certified. The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production.
It removes harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process , sets and monitors standards for ecologically safe production. This ensures that the final product meets the most stringent security requirements and allow you to purchase a real sustainable product.




Origin of products

From our point of view, the quality of the raw material mainly contributes to the quality of the finished product. It is important to understand that the "Made in" is not just the source of the final garment assembly, especially for knitwear, as the value of the raw material is more than the making up cost.

Virgin wool fleeces: merino sheep from South America
All our yarns : Schoeller, Austria
Merino knits single jersey: Knitted and hand-looped in the European Union
Fancy stitches: knit and hand-looped in France
MKII: knitted vaporized and crafted in the European Union
Woolshell®: knitted, vaporized and laminated in France

Made in EU: Some of our products are assembled in the European Union to make them more accessible for purchase.
Made in France: Henjl products Labelled "Made in France" are knitted and assembled in France. The 100% French manufacture of these garments is made of a high-end studio, working for the "haute couture" and luxury ready to wear brands.