Stains processing

First of all, it should be known that the treatment of a wine stain is different from that of a grease stain. The sooner you clean up the stain, the better chance she has of leaving. The wool will not have had time to absorb the foreign body.

We've grouped for you the different stain you can face:

Fat stain (butter, oil, etc.)

If you have a dietary fat stain, gently rub the stain with a trichloroethylene-soaked cloth. The stain should evaporate. If there are any traces left, they’ll go to the wash. For more information on machine washing you can read our article on washing and drying a merino wool garment.

Coffee and tea stain

For coffee and tea, nothing could be simpler. Soak delicate your product with a mixture of alcohol and white vinegar, rub gently, then pat dry.

Wine stain

For red wine, put the cloth in a warm milk bath for a few minutes when the soaking water turns pink, the fabric can be removed. Lather gently and then rinse.

Ford white wine, it's preferable to use oxygenated water. First, use a paper towel to soak most of the liquid. Then soak a cloth with oxygenated water and type in the stain area. Then, you can rinse with clear water and go to the washing machine.

Blood stain

For the stains of blood, lather gently and then rinse. Dry at room temperature. We have another grandma trick for you. You can dilute an aspirin pill in a glass of water. All you have to do is gently rub the stain with this liquid.


Mud stain

First of all, wait until the mud stain dries. Then, get a soft brush and gently rub the mud stain. All you have to do is buff the area with vinegar water if there are any stains left and rinse.

Candle stain

You can gently scrape the candle spot with a flat, rounded object, like a spoon handle. Mix 50% water and alcohol, dab the stained area with a cloth soaked in the mixture and rinse

Tomato sauce or red fruit stain

You can absorb the task with a paper towel before the task dries. Then prepare a mixture with 50% household alcohol and 50% water. Gently rub the stain with a cloth soaked in the solution, then rinse and wash with the machine.

Chocolate and grass stain

Same process as for the tomato sauce stain but the water + alcohol mixture must be replaced by soapy water to rub the stain.


Ink stain, pen, felt

That’s one of the most difficult stain. But we have a miracle cure. With a little patience, your product should return to its original appearance. The faster you take care of the stain, the less time the wool will have to soak up the task, so absorb the fresh ink as quickly as possible with a paper towel. Then soak a cloth with lemon juice and gently rub the stain. It will likely take several soaked tissues before the stain is out. When the stain has completely or partially disappeared, you can machine wash your merino wool product.

Gum stain

It is essential to cool the gum before trying to remove it. Choose a plastic bag containing ice cubes. Rub the fabric gently to break the gum. It may remain a little. You can then pad the spot with a cloth soak with alcohol and water and rinse with clear water.

With all these tricks, you should be able to clean any stain.

If you have to do another type of stain on your garment, do not hesitate, contact us on our contact page, our after-sales service will find a tip to clean your garment!