Merino wool

High-tech by nature
The comfort and performance of our super-fine merino wool are exceptional. Our super-fine merino wool is an excellent thermal insulator that regulates your body temperature in various weather conditions and temperatures. It can retain over a third of its weight in moisture without loosing its thermal properties. Our super-fine merino wool yarn are naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

Our super-fine merino yarn

Schoeller since 1848

Our super-fine merino yarns are spun by the Schoeller Spinning Group. Established in 1848 on the shores of Lake Constance in Austria. Schoeller is one of the oldest and advanced spinners and have committed to environmentally friendly production. EXP treatment is the first chlorine-free treatment that allows your super-fine merino wool sweater to be machine washable and easy to care for. EXP stands for “Ex-Pollution” and is the first wool treatment that is Bluesign and GOTS certified.

MK2 Knit

Active wool

Our exclusive MK2 knitting combines merino wool and polypropylene high-performance technical fiber of climayarn®. Very warm, we developed it for use in alpine winter conditions. MK2 combines the benefits of merino wool and polypropylene : light but comfortable, warm even at low temperatures, avoids any heat building up during the effort, faster drying, easy transfer of moisture.

Lavalan® wool insulation

Pure nature and high performance

For the thermal insulation of our quilted jackets, we use Lavalan® sport wool wadding, a natural insulating material made of 90% alpine wool fibers and 10% bio-polymer. It dries much faster than down. It is easy to clean and recycles without any chemical additives. The high quality wool comes directly from responsible European farms. Fleeces are treated in the EU to ensure a minimum of transport. Lavalan® sport is traceable by FairTrace, from sheep to consumer.


Waterproof and Windproof

WoolShell® is the result of two years of research and development to design a stretch and windproof fabric from a virgin wool knit. Henjl WoolShell® products are genuine virgin wool softshell with a breathable, windproof membrane. All our WoolShell® materials are knitted and laminated solvent free in France, near Annecy. Our WoolShell® garments are warm, light, flexible and stretchy. They offer high wear performance in terms of comfort, warmth, protection and durability.