DT100 Washable Mask HENJL DT100 Tested and Certified : Double face Dirt Track pattern, high filtration, super light, ultra breathable, warmth, no sweat, no fogging, washable in boiling water, quick drying, ergonomic for indoor and outdoor sports.

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The Henjl DT100 mask : tested and certified High performance winter comfort for sport

Tested and Certified = 96% filtration after 10 washes

Single layer = comfortable and super light (15g)

Ultra breathable = no fogging

Does not absorb moisture = no perspiration

Polypropylene composition = washable in boiling water

Hydrophobic = ultra fast drying

3D knitting = seamless and suitable for all faces


Thanks to its technical know-how and its local production resources, Henjl has developed this mask adapted to the health crisis linked to Covid19 and the winter sports.

Knitted in 3D in a single operation near Annecy, France, it is seamless and easily adapts to all faces. Its single-layer construction provides comfort, warmth, breathability and lightness: it weighs only 15g. It is made of a special polypropylene yarn: it does not absorb moisture and can withstand a washing temperature of over 95 degrees Celcius. It is very breathable, limiting fogging when wearing glasses. You adjust the length of the elastic yourself to your head circumference.
Completely respectful of the environment, the yarn is european and Bluesign® / OEKOTEX 100 certified.

Following the test protocol described in the DGA document of March 25, 2020 and tested by IFTH, the Henjl DT100 mask is compatible for use of the UNS1 and UNS2 mask type. It can be reused and washed 10 times at 60 degrees for 30 minutes (see maintenance).

You can download the IFTH test report in french 20-01823 here.

UNS1: Individual mask for use by professionals in contact with the public. minimum 90% filtration of 3 micron particles
UNS2: Collective mask to protect an entire group wearing these masks. Minimum 70% filtration of 3 micron particles


HENJL DT100 DOUBLE LAYER mask 3D double face knitting G14

Total weight 15 g

This mask is compatible for use as UNS1 and UNS2 masks according French DGA test requirements dated march 2020.
RESULTS: Test Report Number: 20-1825

After 10 washing cycles 60 °C Drying 1 point drum and ironing 110 ° C
- Air permeability (in L.m-2.S-1) at depression 100 Pa = 166
- Aerosol protection efficiency (in%) Particles of 3 μm = 96%


User manual
For reasons of hygiene, masks are neither exchangeable nor refundable.


  • 3 microns particle filtration 96% After 10 wash cycles
  • Maximum air permeability 166 L.m2 /s After 10 wash cycles


98% polypropylene 2% élasthane

Care instructions

  • Machine wash 60°C 30mn Laundry product
  • Mechanical or conventional drying Dryer recommended
  • Ironing 120°C Set to minimum temperature!


Design, conception and development: Henjl® and Dominique Nové, France
Yarn: Schoeller®, Austria
Knitting: Dominique Nové, France
Washing : Blanchisserie du Chablais, France

Finishing: ADTP Atelier Protégé du Thiou, France
Logistics: BJ Logistics, France

Material: 10%
Knitting: 65%
Washing: 10%
Supplies: 5%
Logistics: 10%

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J’aime les damiers
Dec 18, 2020
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masque tres agréable
Nov 3, 2020
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Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m'attendre en commandant ce produit. C'est une très bonne surprise. Le masque est très confortable et il a un super look.
Oct 23, 2020