frequently asked questions

To help you quickly find the answer to your question, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. 

And if you still can't find the right answer, please contact us! 

My account

Why and how to create a Henjl customer account?

The creation of a customer account is required to place an order on the site. 
Your customer account allows you to track and keep your orders, invoices and returns if necessary, but also if you wish to keep your personal data for future orders.

If you have never ordered on the Henjl site, you can create a customer account here.

How do I update my personal data?

You can change your personal information in your customer account at any time. 

Log into your account, then select "edit" in the "my information" tab to change your personal information, and even process in the "my addresses" tab to change your default delivery address and/or add a new address.

Lost your password and login?

If you have lost your password, you can click on "forgot password" on the login page. Enter your login email address to receive an email and reset your password. 

Attention it is possible that some mail may be redirected to your "Spam" box depending on the settings of your box. 

How and why should I subscribe to the Henjl newsletter?

The newsletters allow you to stay informed about news, exclusive offers and news. 

Moreover by subscribing to the Henjl newsletter, you become a free HENJLVIP member and have access to many advantages: 

  • 10% discount on your first order
  • Monthly discounts on a selection of products from the new collection.
  • Web exclusives and previews 
How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Our customer account, by selecting "modify" in the "my benefits" tab and at the bottom of the page by unchecking "I wish to participate in "FABFOUR" and take advantage of the EXCLUSIVE VIP OFFERS by receiving the newsletter". 

You can go back on your choice by checking this box again. 

Please note that once you unsubscribe to the newsletter you are no longer considered a HenjlVip member and you will no longer have access to the benefits of the program.

What is the HENJLVIP program?

Henjl VIP is our fidelity program, accessible to all as long as you have a Henjl customer account and are subscribed to the newsletter. 

This program allows you to access benefits such as: 

  • 10% discount on your first order
  • Monthly discounts on a selection of products from the new collection.
  • Web exclusives and previews 

To become a HenjlVip member and enjoy the benefits of the program you can subscribe to the newsletter here

Orders and deliveries

How do I track my order?

You can follow the progress of your order in your customer account, in the tab "my orders", you can see the history of your orders as well as the tracking of packages.

How do I use my coupon code?

You can use your coupon codes when validating your cart. Go to your cart and select "Do you have a coupon code or a gift card?" in the summary of your order. 

Once the promo code is validated, the discount amount and the new total amount are updated and you can proceed to the next step. 

Modify or cancel an order?

Once the order has been paid for and the payment validated, you can no longer cancel your order. 

You will always be able to return your product if it does not suit you!

Method of delivery and rates

Delivery in France :

  • Colissimo at home and free pick-up at a relay point. 
  • Chronopost : 20 euros 

Discover other destinations and rates here 

Countries delivered

We deliver to the following countries: 

United Kingdom

Delivery time?

Delivery times depend on the delivery method chosen and the destination. 

For a shipment to France the delivery time is a maximum of 7 working days and on average between 3 and 4 working days. 

Different billing address and delivery address

It is quite possible to add a delivery address different from the billing address, during the validation of the delivery.


Are the site and payments secure?

The site is secured by the system of encryption and remote payment: SSL (Secure Stocket Layer). The system guarantees the security of personal data and transactions carried out. In connection with the platform Mercanet of the BNP, confidential information (card number, validity date) are not diffused. Moreover, the site is equipped with the 3DS system (3D SECURE) created by Visa and Mastercard, a procedure for authenticating the cardholder for online payments. Entering a code received on a cell phone is essential to authenticate the buyer and validate the payment.

Discover the different means of payment

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit Cards 

  • CB
  • Visa
  • Eurocard
  • Mastercard

Other means 

  • Paypal
International credit cards

International cards from the CB, Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard network are accepted.

Confirmation mail not received?

Once your payment has been validated, an order confirmation must be sent to you. Remember to check your SPAM file. 

It is possible that your payment is not accepted in this case you will not receive an order confirmation. If you do not receive any email, please contact us at the following email address:

How do I pay for my order with a credit or gift card?

If you have received a credit note from a previous order, or a gift card, you can use the amount in one go on the entire site. 

After you have made your selection, go to your shopping cart. In the first step you can integrate a "promo code" in the order summary tab. Once you have entered your code (credit or gift card), your discount will appear above it and is directly taken into account in the final amount of your order. 

Get an invoice

To get the invoice of your order, go to your henjl customer account, then the tab "my orders". 

You can find all your orders since the creation of your account. To obtain an invoice, select the order concerned using the "Details" button. You can download your invoice at the bottom of the page. 

Returns and Refunds

What are the conditions for exchanging or returning an item?

We accept exchanges or returns up to 14 days after receipt of the order without penalty.

The products concerned must not bear any trace of use; nor must they have been worn or washed and delivered with their delivery packaging (cardboard packaging, protection and product label). 
For a product exchange, please indicate the new model chosen and the desired size.

Covid-19 protective masks (ref M100 or DT100) are neither taken back nor exchanged.

You can find the steps to follow here : Concerning a refund request, the return costs are at the customer's charge. For product exchanges, the return costs can be paid by Henjl if and only if, a proof is brought to the retractation form (Post Office Invoice ...). Henjl will bear the costs of the return shipment.

How long does it take to process an exchange?

Upon receipt of the product, your exchange will be processed within 2 working days (excluding the annual closing period). 
A confirmation email will be sent to you when the new package is shipped by sending you the tracking links of it.

If the parts are no longer available, we will contact you and we will offer you a refund or the choice of another product.

How long does it take to make a refund claim?

Upon receipt of the package, we perform a verification of the product, if it is accepted, we make the refund within 2 business days (excluding the annual closing period).

The refund is made directly to the payment card used at the time of the order. A confirmation email with proof of refund will be sent to you. 

Is it possible to return a product purchased from one of our reseller stores?

If you bought your product in one of our retail stores, exchange or refund cannot be made via the website. You can contact the store in question for any request.

Information on our products

What are the Henjl wool clothes?
Where are Henjl clothes made?

Our products are all made either in Europe or in France. You can find the country of manufacture and the entire orginie of each product in the tab "Manufacture" of the product.

Discover our manufacturing plants here 

Where does wool come from?

We have chosen to work with two wool forgers, both respecting the social, environmental and animal values we share. 

Are our products certified?

All of our suppliers and collaborators are certified on environmental, social and animal health levels. We are committed to working only with high quality suppliers. 

Find all our certifications here.

Sustainable development

What is Zero-Waste?

In an eco-responsible approach, zero waste is a new technique of knitting in full 3D and without seams. This technique reduces to a minimum the loss of material and waste related to the production of the garment. 

Find out more about Zero-Waste as well as our Zero-Waste full sweater here 

Does HENJL make sales?

With a local, small series production, quality and sustainable, at a fair price all year round. We do not feel the need to participate in sales.

Find out more about our vision of sales here.

Maintenance of merino wool clothing

Washing merino woollen garments

It is very simple to maintain your clothes whether it is 100% merino wool, aplaga, cahcemir ... they require special treatment and regular to keep all their natural qualities and be kept as new. 

Before any washing look at the label of your product it will guide you in its maintenance. - 

Our woollen garments are machine washable thanks to an EXP treatment developed by our supplier Schoeller. 
The EXP treatment is the only wool treatment in the world certified Bluesign and Gots without the use of chlorine.

For a machine wash it is necessary that your machine has a special washing cycle for wool / delicate textiles. 
In addition your sweater must be washed inside out and at very low temperature to avoid pilling of the wool.

Never use a tumble-dryer, nor a spin-drying exceeding 600 rpm, as this may cause your garment to shrink considerably! 
The best way to spin is still to spin by hand. 

Dry your merino wool sweater horizontally and away from the sun to keep all its color. 
Keep your sweater folded flat and not on a hanger under the risk that it will deform over time. 

Washing with corn is the best solution: in lukewarm water (maximum 30°) with a special chlorine-free detergent (or neutral PH soap). 
Be careful not to twist the garment to wring it out as this may deform it. 

Discover our complete care guide here.

How do I clean a stain on a merino wool product?

First of all, be aware that the cleaning of your wool sweater will depend on the type of stain. A wine stain is different from a grease stain!
Don't wait to treat the stain, the sooner it is cleaned, the more likely you will be able to remove it completely because the wool will not have had time to absorb it.

  • Dietary fat
    Gently rub with a cloth soaked in Scarlet water.
  • Coffee / tea stain
    Gently soak the stain with a mixture of 90° alcohol and white vinegar, rub gently and then sponge.
  • Wine stain
    Red wine: immerse your sweater in a warm milk bath for a few minutes: when the soaking water turns pink, the knitwear can be removed. Soap gently and then rinse. 
    White wine: Wipe off with a paper towel, then soak a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and pat the stained area. Then rinse with clear water.
  • Blood stain
    Clean with pure vinegar and rinse with cold water.
  • Mud stain
    Wait for the mud to dry, then gently rub with a soft brush. If the stain is still there, dab the area with vinegar water and then rinse.

And more tips here 

How to remove the pilling from a merino wool sweater

Your wool sweater ploche? It's completely normal and natural. The ploches come from the different yarns used. It happens that some threads escape which causes the pilling of the wool. 

We tell you everything about pilling and how to get rid of it here. 

Our COVID-19 protective masks in fabric 

Certified masks

Our masks are certified category 1 - UNS1 by IFTH / 30 washes

Intended for a professional or general public environment and exclusively reserved for non-health uses. They are intended to prevent the projection of droplets. The use of these masks is part of the strict application of measures related to containment, work organization measures and barrier gestures. They are not intended to be used by healthcare personnel in contact with patients. These masks may be offered to professionals or to the general public. 

Discover our fabric masks

Maintenance of masks

Before using for the first time, wash the mask and inspect it for holes, tears or damage. 
It is recommended to wear the mask directly on bare skin, without contact with the hair.

The wearing time of the mask is 4 hours, change your mask when :

  • you wish to eat or drink
  • when it becomes difficult to breathe 
  • if the mask gets wet or damp from the weather
  • if the mask is damaged
  • if the mask is deformed and no longer fits.

This mask is designed to be reused and washed 30 times.

  • Machine wash, with a detergent suitable for the fabric, with a cycle of at least 30 minutes at 60°C.
  • Mechanical or conventional drying
  • Ironing at a temperature of 120/130°C

Discover our instructions for use

Which fabric mask to choose?

Ultra-comfortable, breathable and easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Flexible, ultra-breathable for all your indoor and outdoor activities.


The logistics of the masks is carried out by Henjl to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Although henjl masks are delivered pre-washed they need to be washed before first use!
A user manual is delivered with the mask, you can find all the information about fabric masks.