Washing your product

Whether it is 100% merino sheep wool, alpaca, mohair, cashmere or acrylic based, a Neccetate wool sweater a special treatment to keep all its natural qualities and be kept as new.

By machine or hand, discover the different techniques and temperatures to wash and dry a merino wool sweater.

How to clean the dirt spots

You took care of your merino wool garment, but you stained it? And you are wondering how to clean a stain on a merino wool product? We have some tips for you!

Fast threading or drying speed of a wool sweater discover all the techniques of cleaning a merino wool sweater

If small pilling appears

Your new sweater has seen the appearance of small pilling? Don’t worry, it’s a natural phenomenon. Pilling may appear during washing and during use.

If you have a loose thread

CAUTION, do not cut it, because you could make a hole in your clothing... 
In this case you need a hook to sew. Place the hook inside the sweater, catch the thread that protrudes with the end of the hook then gently pull towards the inside of the spell to bring the yarn pulled back inside the sweater.