Washing your product

All our products are machine washable but machine wash is possible only if your machine has a special “wool / delicate textiles” setting. In this case, return the garment inside out for washing. Imperatively repect the washing temperature, do not use fabric softener or chlorine. Do not bleach. Do not use dryer, Hang dry flat horizontally away from direct sun light.
For washing our products we recommend the use of special detergents for wool, without phosphate and phosphonate.
Although we do not recommend because of the use of perchlorethylen, dry cleaning is also possible.
You should know that the solvent used in the dry cleaning porcess is harmful to humans and the environment.

IN SHORT : Check the inner care label!

  • It is essential to wash cold (to avoid shrinkage)
  • If you use a washing machine, use a "hand wash"; "wool" or "delicate textile" program
  • - Do not use dryeing machine!!!

How to clean the dirt spots

Dietary fat: Gently rub your product with cloth soaked in trichlorethylene.

Coffee: Soak delicate your product with a mixture of alcohol and white vinegar, rub gently, then pat dry.

Red wine: put the cloth in a warm milk bath for a few minutes when the soaking water turns pink, the fabric can be removed. Lather gently and then rinse. Dry at room temperature.

Blood: Clean with pure vinegar, then rinse with cold water.

If small pilling appears

In time, any wool, even the top of the line we use, tends to create small pilling on the friction areas.
To get rid of it, carefully use a standard razor to shave the little pilling. Be as much delicate as possible. In the same way that you might cut yourself if you push too much, you may damage the wool.
You can also use sharp scissors to carefully cut small pilling at the surface.

If you have a loose thread

Be carefull and DO NOT cut it or you will end up with a hole in your garment...


First Pull horizontally then vertically arounf the loose thread to restore the knit. Repeat several times untill the loose thread disappears.

If this is not enough, then push/pull the loop inside the sweater using a knitting hook.