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The Henjl jacket is timeless. It will allow you to realize all your adventures thanks to its intrinsic qualities: insulating, water repellent and breathable. Vests that are comfortable to wear and leave you free of movement. Wool brings warmth and comfort. Difficult to wear or wash?Make no mistake, our Schoeller spinner processes wool fibre with an EXP treatment, a unique, chlorine-free process that allows wool knitting to be machine washable. EXP means «Ex-pollution», that is to say the non-use of polluting agents during the anti-bulging treatment of wool. It is the first and only wool treatment in the world that is certified Bluesign and GOTS. Two labels that guarantee eco-responsible textile production. Discover our entertien guide to learn how to wash merino wool.

A wool jacket for all your activities 

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The REDGE jacket with Woolshell® membrane. Warm, elegant and windproof for all your activities. The DERAM jacket, hybrid car equipped with MK2 technology and quilted in virgin wool wadding. A sporty and powerful jacket.  The ONYX jacket, also equipped with MK2 technology, with in addition a body mapping and zones of heat, reinforcement or aeration for all your sports activities.  The GEFFEN vest, our 100% merino wool hoodie for the city and the mountains.  The STEED vest, the Supersfot of our range, with a fiber of a finesse equivalent to cashmere.

Clothing made in French or European, it is up to you to choose the wool jacket that suits you!

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