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Made in France clothes

The clothes made in France Henjl are made with greatest care of french workshops. We are in direct contact with these french workshops to be sure that our french products correspond to our expectations and yours. We don't make compromises on materials and final touches quality, whatever the production place, France and Europe. We're proud to offer you, for a selection of clothes, the choice of production country : France or Europe.

Henjl strengthens its commitment to clothing made in France by giving customers the opportunity to choose the country of manufacture of their textile product. The additional cost for a product made in France corresponds only to the difference in manufacturing costs.

Why buy a made in France clothes ?

Because the purchase of a garment made in France strengthens French jobs and know-how in textile manufacturing. We work with human-sized manufacturing workshops and in France and do some hand finishing to guarantee a high quality product. The purchase of a garment made in France also makes it possible to reduce transport considerably and thus reduce the environmental impact of the product, sustainable development is one of the main value.

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Discover all made in France women clothes

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