Men's mountain jacket

Henjl's man hoodie follows you in mountains and in town. The collection of men jackets are made for comfort, resistance and warmth. Technical nature of mountain jackets will resists to every weather conditions thanks to the high-quality material and knitting. With or without hood, 100% merinos wool or hybrid, choose the jacket made for you. The quality of the material as well as the knitting will allow you to keep your jacket season after season.

Which jacket to choose?

With a hood, without a hood, hybrid or not, it’s not always easy to figure it out! Our men’s mountain jacket range presents you different merino wool jackets. Two manufacturing techniques for two different styles!

Technique MK2: active wool 

The MK2 technique combines the natural properties of merino wool with those of polypropylene to create the Climayarn. A knitting of ouble face thus with a first layer of merino wool and a second in Climayarn. This technique allows an optimal moisture transfer, while bringing you warmth so you will need in winter condition. Its fast drying allows you to be dry even during the event. Our MK2 range is the most technical range for your sports activities in the mountains and in the city. Discover our selection of men’s clothing mountain wool

Woolshell technique with protective menbrane

Our Woolshell jackets are equipped with a menbrane specifically designed by Henjl.The Woolshell technique combines 3 layers, powerful, breathtaking and windproof. A first layer of virgin wool on the outside, a second layer of poly-merino for the outer layer and finally a last layer with the imper-breathable and windproof membrane to bind the first two layers. 100% windproof, warm, stretch and comfortable to adapt to your lifestyle and all your outdoor activities. 

Choose the jacket that suits you!

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