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Groover sweater test

Test our Groover sweater on l'

"In order to be completely transparent with you, dear readers, we have tested the comfort of the product and we are pleasantly surprised by it. With this kind of mountain sweater, we often lose mobility in our movements. With the Groover Sweater, this is not the case!  Comfort is closely linked with the quality of the materials used, and the experience of Henjl. Their garments are made with French craftsmanship and 100% merino wool."

Skalite sweater test

Test our Skalite sweater on
NOTE: 16.25/20

"Sold for 150€, this sweater made in France, despite a problem of coast edge that rebique as far as I am concerned, is a winter classic to have in his locker room.Available in a beautiful deep enough green, its major asset lies in the material, an extra fine merino wool that has the particularity of being warm, light, and thermo-regulating. This particular thread makes the sweater comfortable to wear, beyond being aesthetic and well designed.If the question of the quality/price ratio arises, my answer will probably be that yes, putting the price in a winter sweater is an idea, and in this one, a good idea"

đź“· MickaĂ«l Auffret 

Astor t-shirt test

Test our Astor sweater on
NOTE : 100/100

"As soon as we receive the parcel we feel like we have a little jewel in our hands.The packaging is extremely meticulous, carefully prepared and the product is accompanied by a magazine to learn more about the brand, its values, the technology used and their products. 
At first glance, we immediately feel the high quality of the product and its high-end positioning: neat and invisible seams, soft and light material, perfect solidity and design. A very good approach then"


Onyx test

Test our Onyx Jacket on
NOTE : 79/100

"The French brand Henjl offers there, with the Onyx jacket, a technical jacket of very high quality that combines all the best constructions and technologies of the brand to create a warm jacket, resistant, and ultra-breathable. Perfect for athletes who are looking for a do-it-all jacket: low-activity sport (skiing, paragliding) for which its warmth will be ideal, active sports (hiking, trekking, mountaineering) for which the jacket will stand out with its strong breathability and resistance"


Deram jacket test

Test our Deram jacket on
NOTE : 82/100

"With the Henjl Deram the outdoor activity practitioner will find an excellent down jacket. Its weight and volume are no longer intended for activities where comfort is preferred to any other consideration. This rather environmentally friendly model, made with top quality materials, providing undeniable comfort, both from the point of view of the cut and the thermal input will find its place perfectly in a mixed use city-mountain."


Jerden sweater test

Test our Jerden Jacket on
NOTE : 85/100

"Henjl offers with the Jerden sweater a product of very high quality, efficient and very well cut.The contemporary and urban style offers a double use of the garment since it is worn both during the various outdoor activities and in everyday life. A not insignificant addition that must be taken into account. The quality of the materials used ensures a high service life for the product. The quality has a price that remains high and the not negligible weight is to be taken into account when it comes to housing it at the bottom of the bag. Despite these 2 points I highly recommend the Pullover Henjl Jerden!"


Henjl and the press! What’s news?

The Good Goods

The Good Goods

Large winter jumpers, our cosy and committed selection For maximum (re)comfort

The "ugly" Christmas jumper has that to it to be the ice-breaker during the Christmas holidays. If you've been thinking about this option for surviving the family table, there's an eco-friendly option to start the conversation: a big, committed jumper that has its own story to tell, and has the advantage of coming out of the wardrobe more than one day of the year. As Bridget Jones has shown, the ugly Christmas jumper isn't your best catch.

" The jumper to play the ESF monitor-rice. A ski and apres-ski jumper knitted in 100% merino wool for natural thermal regulation".


The Good Goods

A big ethical jumper to spend the winter

A good fit, ecologically sourced quality material: a big winter jumper is not easy to find. The proof is that you usually keep the one you like best for years, that you come out of the wardrobe lovingly, like a pre-Christmas date. Merino wool? Recycled wool? Angora ? Cashmere ? Polar fleece ? We help you choose the right model of jumper for you and offer a selection of eco-responsible brands to warm you up, from the office to the fireside.

Eco-responsible brands of big jumpers for winter

"Technical, comfortable and ecological. Henjl jumpers are made of wool without chlorine treatments, Bluesign® and GOTS certified treatments. We tell you more about the brand in this article".



Why so much buzz around the Merino?

"Already very popular with outdoor fans in the United States, merinos has gradually established itself in France in the basic panoply of hikers, skiers and trailers. So what is this fiber? What can we really expect and how to maintain it?

Where does Merino come from?

Originally from North Africa, the Merino sheep adapted well to Spain before finding themselves around the world today. Australia is a major producer, it is also high in the United States, New Zealand, South America, but also in Europe, particularly in France. A producer such as the French Henjl uses alpine farms, among other things."



Henjl: The soft sweater

"No need to multiply clothes! Henri and Jean-Louis founded Henjl to manufacture sweaters to wear to the mountains as well as to the city in a logic of responsible consumption. And we like that at Chilowé’s!"

December 2019

"Ask Henry Soulier what he thinks of the textile industry. Two words are enough to summarize his thinking: artificial and ephemeral. An opinion shared by his friend Jean-Louis Garnier, met on the benches of the textile school of Lyon. In 2010, the duo launched its own brand, Henjl, a contraction of their two first names that aptly pronounces themselves as “angel”. High-end wool clothing for the city or the mountains."


The Good Goods

Henjl : Ski sweater to change fashion 

"Henjl, project not signposted

The adventure starts in Annecy, with the only roadmap founding values: make clothes outsized and out of time, ready to share experiences of their owners. The anchor point: the wool yarn. The brand approach only global provider untreated wire chlorine and French knitters to build a perfect sweater. In the manner of Everest, they fail and increasing attempts to get the right clothes. After two years of development, the first mountain collection is virgin wool, waterproof and windproof. As a conqueror flag atop the mountain, they deposit the label WoolShell® to protect extra-ordinary properties of this material. The REDGE jacket is still their flagship product."



The Responsible Outdoor

"Another example is Henjl, a Haut-Savoyarde brand. Like the previous one, it designs merino wool products and favours manufacturing and local suppliers. Thus the virgin wool fleeces come from sheep bred in South America and in the Alps by farms that respect the animal condition and do not practice the Mulesing. Knitting, hand remailing and making are French or European, a guarantee of quality and a true environmental approach."


L'ébéniste à vélo

No truck, it’s good for the planet!

Artisan new generation.
The cabinet maker by bike is an innovative project, 100% eco-responsible, that exists only in Paris!
Since wood is an ecological material by essence, I have chosen to completely reinvent my profession around values that are vital to me: innovation, quality, sustainability, recycling, and above all, respect for man and the environment.
The choice to move exclusively by bike came therefore quite naturally.


L'homme tendance

Henjl, the expert in high quality wool sweaters!

"Henjl, ski jumpers with style!
As you will be able to see, the products are really high quality and also have style.The brand is a true specialist of sweaters and ski clothing and fitting in merino wool.Pullovers, jackets, vests and wool cups are offered in a modern style, design, elegant and comfortable."



Men are delicious

Coup de Coeur for the Deram jacket

"Among all the beautiful pieces that Henjl offers, we had a big crush on the Deram MK2 jacket. A jacket whose body and hood are made of polyamide wind cut, kind of down jacket. The shoulders and sides are, for their part, in wool style sweater. As a result, a well-fit jacket that will leave you free of movement while keeping you warm."