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Sustainable and responsible products
Henjl is committed to these fundamental values: Our products are focused on respecting the environment. Starting by using the highest quality super-fine merino wool, which is renewable and sustainable and anti-bacterial. We design and develop our products here in the Alps instead of overseas to allow us constant quality control. We manufacture our products here in Europe gives us access to centuries of wool know how and reduces the carbon footprint of our brand. This all becomes clear when you see one of our sweaters and instantly feel the quality and see the design that has gone into it. We take our time to develop long lasting timeless sweaters that are easy to maintain and require little washing to reduce your consumption of water and electricity.
Knitted in France
Knitted in Europe

Our raw material

Henjl chooses super-fine merino wool in all our products. Merino wool is one of the most effective products here in the Alps. Merino wool is all natural, sustainable and renewable.

Local Manufacturing

Our production is based in France or Europe. We choose our partners based on high-quality production facilites that allow us to ensure the people working there are properly supported and the end product is exceptional.

Quality and durability

The quality and durability of our products are due to the respect of our values throughout the production chain. By choosing all our partners based on their fair knowledge and their environmental and social values, our products respect the environment of sheep breeding to clothing ends. Quality products from Made in France or Made in Europe that will follow you in all your sporting or urban activities from year to year.

Henjl and sales

Find out how Henjl works and why we don't feel the need to have a sale.

Clothing zero waste

By purchasing zero-waste merino wool clothing you maximize your environmental impact, thanks to the use of a natural material that is renewable without waste.

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All our articles are intended to inform you about our values and our manufacturing methods. Transparency, certification and origin of the wool, we tell you everything about our merino wool clothing!