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Henjl is the commitment to fundamental values: respect for the environment, close to consumer manufacturing, impeccable quality. Each Henjl product is designed according to these principles thus limiting our carbon footprint and our impact on our planet. The quality of our products and their design make them durable. You will keep your henjl sweater a long time, several seasons and certainly several years. Our approach is the reverse of that of ready-to-wear at low disposable prices. Much of the pollution generated by textiles comes from home care ... Anti-bacterial by nature, our products require very little washing. You will reduce your consumption of water, laundry and your electricity bill ...
Knitted in France
Knitted in Europe

Renewable raw material

The quality of the product is above all the quality of the material. Our virgin wool fleeces come from merino sheep, certified non-mulesing, raised in South America and in the Alps. Our yarn supplier is the Austrian spinning mill Schoeller, founded in 1848. All our products, whatever their origin, are knitted with Schoeller yarn.


Knitting, hand-looping and sewing are French or European origin. We only work with high-end workshops on a human scale. This proximity allows us to guarantee you an exceptional product quality.

Quality and durability

The quality and durability of our products are due to the respect of our values throughout the production chain. By choosing all our partners based on their fair knowledge and their environmental and social values, our products respect the environment of sheep breeding to clothing ends. Quality products from Made in France or Made in Europe that will follow you in all your sporting or urban activities from year to year.