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With Henjl choose the country of manufacture of your product
Henjl is the commitment to strong values: respect for the environment, manufacturing close to consumers and outstanding quality. The technical and economic constraints do not allow us to manufacture all of our products in France. Henjl now gives you the opportunity to choose a French manufacturing for some products "Made in Europe".
Knitted in France
Knitted in Europe

proximity and quality

The quality of the product is above all the quality of the material. Our virgin wool fleeces come from merino sheep, certified non-mulesing, raised in South America and in the Alps. Our yarn supplier is the Austrian spinning mill Schoeller, founded in 1848. All our products, whatever their origin, are knitted with Schoeller yarn. Knitting, hand-looping and sewing are French or European origin. We only work with high-end workshops on a human scale. This proximity allows us to guarantee you an exceptional product quality.