Poncho made in France: best cocooning product 

Our ponchos made in France will guarantee you an excellent contribution of heat during your moments of pause. The use of virgin wool ensures an ultra soft feel for optimal comfort. You will be seduced by the design of our ponchos made in France and by their large dimensions. Some of our ponchos made in France can also be used as a plaid thanks to the slit for the neck and the shoulders. And to complete your 100% wool look, opt for Tolly gloves.

Why buy a poncho made in France?

For its limited environmental impact thanks to the reduction of transport and the use of a 100% natural and biodegradable material: virgin wool. To support French textile know-how and related jobs. To buy a poncho made in France Henjl is to buy an ethical product, in the respect of the men who manufactures it and the animals. Discover our raw material and environmental commitments.

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