The merinos wool we use

Our products are made of mérino wool, an obvious choice in the mountains, where the use of wool has for generations been the best natural protection against a hostile environment. We chose merino wool for its natural properties.

A thermo-regulating fiber

Merino sheep live in a hostile climate, their fleece allows them to be warm in winter and stay cool in summer. Mérino wool fibres are thermo-regulating, which allows it to be used as well in summer as in winter.

In addition, wool protects against UV rays. With a protection factor of UPF50, wool filters between 97.5% and 98% of the rays. Ideal for sun protection.

A natural and renewable fiber

The choice of wool was obvious to Henjl as it is a natural, renewable fiber. In fact, sheep naturally produce wool to protect themselves from climatic conditions. Every year, a shearing takes place to recover the wool fleeces and process them, so it is renewable.

A biodegradable fiber

The wool, in its natural state, is biodegradable. Once the wool has reached its limit of use, wear and tear, it’s possible to compost it. Once buried, it decomposes and can be used as fertilizer since it releases nutrients. Be careful, for a completely biodegradable wool, it must be pure virgin wool with less than 0,3% of other added fibres.

An anti-bacterian fiber

Since wool does not retain water, it doesn’t develop bacteria. So there are no odors. Your wool garment doesn’t need to be washed as regularly as other garments made of cotton or synthetic fiber. It’s also difficult to stain. You want to know to maintained your clothing Read our article on the care of a merino wool garment.

A fiber that doesn't sting

A wool is called « hot » when the ends of the wool fiber touch your ends and give the feeling that the sweater is scratching you. To know if the chosen wool scrapes, it’s necessary to know its fineness. A wool doesn’t scrape, if it’s finer than 28 microns. The wires we choose are finer than 21 microns. The merino wool used in our clothing is therefore soft and can even be worn on the skin. Some of our products are made from a yarn of “supersoft” merino, which has a finesse close to that of cashmere.



A fiber that lives

Wool is natural fiber, a fiber that lives and felt naturally. The clothes can shrinked at the wash if the wool is not treated. But our spinner Schoeller processes all the threads so you can wash a the machine. A treatment EXP, allows to hang micro-polymers on the surface of the fibres to make it smooth and thus avoid the felting of the garment. The first and the only wool process in the world certified by Bluesign and GOTS. Two labels that guarantee the production of eco-friendly textiles.


Unfortunately, wool has some weak points. It’s not as windproof, waterproof and elastic as sunthetic fiber. Sowe use some technologies to fill those gaps.

We developed the Woolshell technology, which is the result of two years of development to design a stretch and wind-cut fabric from a virgin wool knit. The WoolShell Henjl products are genuine virgin wool softshell with a breathable, windproof membrane. All of our WoolShell materials are knitted and laminated in France near Annecy. Our WoolShell garments are warm, lightweight, flexible and stretch. They offer high performance in terms of comfort, warmth, protection ns durability. 

We also use an exclusive MK2 knitting that combines merino wool and technical polypropylene fibre. Warmthy, we have developed it for use in winter conditions.MK2 combines the advantages of merino wool and polypropylene: lighter but comfortable, warmth even at low temperature, avoids any accumulation of heat in the effort, dries faster, facilitates the transfer of moisture.

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