Merino wool t-shirts

To completed your 100% wool style, we created our new merino wool T-shirts, still made in France. A rang of T-shirts that bring out all the natural qualities of merino wool. A naturally technical wool with many environmental and ethical benefits that derives from Henjl’s values. Discover the certificat of ZQ mérino wool 

Merino wool for many qualities

The main quality of our wool garments, undoubtedly, their softness, thanks to the exclusive use of an extra fine and long wool fiber allowing us to keep a pure natural fiber without adding other synthetic or artificial fiber.
A termoregulatory fiber, allowing your skin to breathe by removing perspiration and drying quickly.
Breathable, but also anti-odor thanks to the antibacterial characteristic of merino wool clothing.
This property of merino wool will allow you to space the washing and thus reduce your environmental impact. 
Stretch and comfortable, your merino wool t-shirt offers freedom and lightness for all your activities. 

Anti-odor, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear. A pure wool garment made in France, designed for men whatever their lifestyle.
Resistant, our products made in france, will accompany you whatever your activity and for an indefinite period.
The manufacture of the t-shirt will allow it to resist friction during physical activity and thanks to the quality of merino wool fiber the t-shirt will doesn't have small pilling.

Our t-shirts are simply perfect, in any season and for everyone.
Overlay your t-shirt with a men’s wooolshell jacket for a 100% wool look with Henjl. And discover our long sleeved merino wool t-shirts even softer and more comfortable.

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