Women's beanie

With Henjl's women beanies, go off to conquer your daily life. Your women's merino wool beanie will follow you during your ski and mountains activities. Elegant 100% merino wool knitted beanies are excpetially soft and warm for a enjoy an outdoor winter comfortably. With their sleek style and different colours, your cups will follow you from year to year. Their wool design, classic plain, trendy and stylish for a great look. The fashion asset for this winter.

Made in France beanies or made in Europe? 

The Henjl merino wool beanie is available in two designs, French or European. It is up to you to choose the provenance, but whatever is country of origin the quality, softness and warmth of your 100% merino wool beanie will remain the same. 

Discover our wide selection of beanie made in france, combined with a 100% wool merino women sweater for a total merino wool look